Friday, September 16, 2011

Blasts accused to file fresh bail plea

Mateen Hafeez TNN

: While the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is on the verge of completing its probe into the 2006 Malegaon blasts, the suspects in the case are likely to file a fresh bail application within a few days.

During its investigation, the NIA found that the accused were wrongly implicated in the case and that rightwing groups are allegedly responsible for the blasts.

The anti-terrorism squad (ATS) had initially booked nine Muslim youths claiming they were SIMI members. The ATS filed a chargesheet only within 54 days, even though it had 180 days to do the same. Later, the case was transferred to the CBI.

“We are filing a bail application within a day or two,” said Gulzar Azmi, general secretary of the Jamiatul Ulema (legal cell). He added that the Malegaon youths are currently in Gujarat where they are being subjected to narcoanalysis tests. “We have been saying that the youths are framed in the case. We hope they will secure bail,” added Azmi.Earlier, the CBI had found that slain RSS pracharak Sunil Joshi along with an associate had visited Malegaon in July 2006 and conducted a recce. They also wanted to carry out a terror strike in July, however, their plan did not materialize. Samjhauta train blast accused Swami Aseemannd also confessed that his men engineered the Malegaon blasts. “We have submitted all documents to the NIA,” said advocate Irfana Hamdani, who is representing the youths. Four RDX bombs planted near a cemetery in Malegaon went off on September 8, 2006, killing 31 persons.


• The ATS had said SIMI engineered the 2006 Malegaon blasts that killed 31

• Zahid Majeed, a suspect, was in Malegaon to plant the bomb, the ATS claimed. However, witnesses filed an affidavit stating he was 500 km away in Yavatmal

The Times of India, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Malegaon ka superhero gets last wish, dies

Mateen Hafeez & Bharati Dubey I TNN

: Shafique Shaikh, the cancer stricken M a l e g a o n man who starred in
M a l e ga o n Ka Superman, had one last wish: to see his film’s release before his death. The film was released on Tuesday evening and he died on Wednesday morning after watching the final cut. Shaikh (23), father of two, was diagnosed with cancer last year and was being treated at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Nasir Khan, director of the film, said, “Shaikh’s last wish was to watch the film in a cinema hall. He was going through a tough time and we decided to organize a premiere at 6 pm on Tuesday. At 6 am on Wednesday, Shaikh died.” Shaikh was buried at Malegaon’s Bada Qabrastan (cemetery) around 2 pm on Wednesday. Thousands attended the funeral.

“On our request, film-maker Anurag Kashyap and several other Bollywood personalities had come to watch the premiere. Shaikh was brought to Central cinema in a news channel van and taken inside on a stretcher. Though he could not speak, we saw him smiling everytime the audience clapped,” said Khan.

“After the film, the audience shook hands with the actor and congratulated him. He was taken home afterwards. Late at night, he felt acute pain and was breathless in the morning,” said Akram Khan, a unit member who played villain in the film. The spoof, where ‘Superman’ fights the menace of tobacco, was scheduled for a December release. Shaikh, a resident of Gulab Park in Malegaon, used to chew around 40 packets of gutka a day.

“Our movie is against the menace of tobacco. Sadly, our lead hero fell prey to it,” said a unit member.
“Actor Deepti Bhatnagar (producer of Malegaon Ka Chintu) footed the bill for Shaikh’s treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital,” the unit member added. Producer Sunil Bohra, who plans to have a theatrical release of the film in November, told TOI, “We will take care of his wife and children. We have asked his family to open a bank account and we will send them money on a regular basis.’’

The Times of India, September 8, 2011