Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2006 Cycle blasts

Four bombs went off in Malegaon on September 8, 2006 killing 38 people and injuring 297 others. All the bombs were planted on cycles and exploded between 1.45 pm and 1.55 pm. The first three bombs went off at Bada Qabrastan (cemetry) killing 30 people and the fourth bomb went off at Mushawerat chowk in central Malegaon. The bombs contained RDX, ammonium nitrate, nitrite and oil fuel. The police claimed the suspected wanted to creat communal tension between Hindus and Muslims. The police also said that the RDX, used in the bombs, was transported from Pakistan to Malegaon. The suspected were booked under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). The accused moved to the supreme court against the application of MCOCA in their case.

Sept 9, 2006: The Malegaon police released the sketches of two suspects based on the description of eye witnesses.

Sept 12, 2006: A hoax bomb was found on the staircase of Mohammedia mosque in Central Malegaon which contained mud and traces of RDX. A case was registered with the Azad Nagar police station.

Sept 15, 2006: The case was handed over the state anti terrorism squad (ATS).

Oct 8, 2006: Nooru-ul-Huda, an alleged member of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was picked up and shown arrested the next day.

Oct 12, 2006: The police took Huda to Bangalore for lie-detector and narco analysis tests.

Oct 22, 2006: Huda booked for Mohammedia mosque hoax bomb case.

Oct 222, 2006: Over 650 suspects were questioned in a span of one and half months.

Oct 24, 2006: The police arrested Raees Rajjab Ali in the hoax bomb case. Huda used to work with Ali at a factory which would manufacture battery and inverter.

Oct 30, 2006: Huda's police custody was over and the ATS booked him in the serial blast case.


Oct 30, 2006: Noor-ul-Huda (24), a labourer was booked in the Malegaon bomb blast case. He was said to be a planter at Bada Qabrastan.

Nov 1, 2006: Shabbir Masiullah (34) also booked in this case as conspirator.

Nov 5, 2006: Raees Ahmed Rajjab Ali (35) was booked in the case. Said to be a conspirator and palnter along with Huda. Is brother in-law of Shabbir Masiullah.

Nov 6, 2006: Unani doctor Salman Farsi from Govandi arrested on charges of conspircy.

Nov 6, 2006: Unani doctor Farogh Makhdomi from Malegaon was arrested on charges of conspircy.

Nov 13, 2006: Mohammed Ali, a Govandi resident, is accused of supplying RDX to Malegaon accused. He was earlier arrested in the 7/11 train bombing case.

Nov 13, 2006: Asif Bashir Khan alias Junai, a civil engineer from Jalgaon, was booked in Malegaon case. He is accused of supplying RDX to Malegaon accused. He was earlier arrested in the 7/11 train bombing case.

NOv 21, 2006: Mohammed Zahid Abdul Majeed, a former SIMI activist was picked up from Yevatmal and arrested for his alleged role in the blast. Shown as a planter.

Dec 16, 2006: Abrar Ahmed Saeed (35), was arrested. Said to be planter at Mushawerat Chowk along with Zahid.

Dec 21, 2006: The ATS filed a 4,500-page charge sheet against the suspects and the case was handed over to the CBI same day.

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