Thursday, December 2, 2010

Courts in Malegaon

The courts are located in the Camp area, the Western part of Malegaon. There are 10 courts in Malegaon city dealing with cases related to crime, civil issues, property disputes, family affairs etc. The newly constructed court was inaugurated on October 10, 2009 by the then Bombay High Court chief justice, Swatantra Kumar. Others present in the function were justice A M Khanvilkar and district court judge R B Malik. The main buildings consists of Sessions courts, senior division courts, judicial magistrate first class courts and the bar council.

Sessions Courts:
There are three Sessions court in Malegaon. While one is known as the Main sessions court dealing in criminal matters, other two are ad hoc courts (a & b). To get bail in any criminal case, the applicant has to approach the Main session’s court. These courts have three special Public Prosecutors (PP).

Senior Division Court:
There are two senior division courts. The first court deals into land disputes, property matters. The property disputes upto Rs one lakh are referred to this court. The other senior division court deals with marital disputes under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC):
There are five JMFC courts (look after by five judges) in Malegaon. These courts deals in criminals cases (police station wise), civil issues, family disputes, civil cum criminal cases etc. The cases of fraud with amounts only below Rs one lakh are tried here. There are seven Public Prosecutors (PPs) in the JMFC courts. These PPs also work in the senior division courts.

Malegaon Bar Association:
The bar associations of lawyers has around 400 members. While 75% members are Hindus, 25% other members are Muslim lawyers. R K Bachhao, a senior defense counsel, is the president of bar association.

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